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Who are we?

Geppetto Pictures is a London based video production company offering services all across the United Kingdom. We produce top quality content uniquely tailored to your project. Whether it’s a music video, short/feature length film, commercials or event videography, we will carry your project from start to finish like clockwork!

Our talented in-house team come from a background with years of experience working in the industry on high budget feature films. Our crew are equipped with the best 4k cameras, (including a drone), all necessary professional audio recording equipment, a range of lights and they are experienced with shooting on ARRI Alexas for cinema quality productions.

Each videography project will be managed by one of our producers who will monitor everything from pre-production to post (find out more on our services page). We will ensure projects are within budget, delivered on schedule and always according to your brief and liking. We want to give you a film that you are truly proud of and each time you re-watch it, it revives the memory of a thoroughly enjoyable, hassle-free process!

Video Editing & Colour Grading
Graphic Design and Animation
Video Production

Our featured services

Music video
Having previously worked on a music video for popular music group Hybrid Minds as well are local artists, we can confirm that this is our favourite service. We are well experienced in making professional quality music videos that are exciting and love the countless creative options Music Videos permit.
Short/ Feature length Films
Our team has experience working on countless short films, many of which went on to win awards. Our producers also have experience working in the production department for high budget feature films with A-List cast and are more than capable of managing a project from script to screen and distribution.
Screenwriting and Breakdown
We write all our scripts in Final Draft and complete breakdowns on industry standard, Movie Magic. The producers in our team have a background of working with renowned writers on numerous scripts for feature films and tv series and will make sure the best is brought out for you.
Video Editing & Colour Grading
We edit and colour-grade all our projects on Adobe Premiere Pro on the latest macs, so our computes can handle heavy 4k video files. We have access to the entire adobe creative uite as well access to a variety of industry standard software such as Avid and DaVinci Resolve.
Graphic Design and Animation
Our team are efficient with countless design software with which we can offer logo designs, info graphic videos, UI design and even 2D animated videos. Having studied graphics on a higher level they are well informed about which composition, colour theories, and typeface will work best for a project.
Event Videography
Hire us to capture your special occasion, whether it is a Wedding, Birthday, Exhibition or Performance, our sharp 4k cameras and high-quality microphones will help bring you a video that accurately revives your memories and takes you back as if so you were still there and reliving it.

What people say

I am absolutely delighted with the win but honestly, it is shared! Without you and your immense talents, I would not have shone. It was honestly such a great experience, I would always work with you!!
Emmy Happisburgh, Best Actress award winner for Leaves for the Moon
It was a wonderful experience with such a talented and passionate crew.
Sarah Leigh, Lead Actress Your Father Was