Geppetto Pictures

Dhruv Bhatnagar

Producer – Director

Dhruv began his film career directing short films from a young age. His passion got him work experience with BBC, ITV and shoots on feature films and a celebrity music video. After graduating from University of Westminster with a degree in film he went on to work on big budget shorts, commercials and music videos for popular artists such as Hybrid Minds. Eager to take his career to the next level, he moved to Mumbai where he worked as an Assistant Director for Phantom Films which was at the time working with major production company, Reliance Entertainment. Thus, he has exposure on what are and what are to be some of India’s most expensive and anticipated films with A-List cast.

With his years of experience working directly with highly established writers, directors and producers he evidently implements his learning to ensure the best is brought out from our projects! Dhruv has dedicated work ethic and an efficient mindset but he is recognized best for his friendly and composed approach. Regardless of how big a wreck we may be in, his calm informed decision-making ability will sail us out of any situation.